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PASSPORT - to enter EU country you passport has to be what???

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Longingforthesummer · 07/06/2023 11:26

I cant get my ahead around this 10 year date thing...can someone explain in idiots terms :)

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SaltyGod · 07/06/2023 11:28

It has to be within 10 years of the date of issue.

Sometimes extra months are added, so it can be valid but over 10 years from issue. This won’t be accepted.

this happened to me, my passport expired Jan 24 but was issued March 13, so I couldn’t travel to the EU on it this summer and had to renew

bunnypenny · 07/06/2023 11:29

It needs to have been issued in the last 10 years for EU entry, even if was valid for more than 10years.

eg my last passport was valid for 10years and 9months but I wouldn’t have been able to use it to get into the EU for the last 9months of it.

FrontEnd · 07/06/2023 11:31

Your effective pp expiry date is taken 10y from date of issue.

AtLeastThreeDrinks · 07/06/2023 11:32
  • If you’re travelling on eg 22 July 2023 your passport needs to have been issued on or after 22 July 2013.

  • the expiry date must be at least three months after your departure date, so if you’re coming home eg 4 august 2023 your passport must be valid until at least 4 November 2023.
Longingforthesummer · 07/06/2023 11:32

Ah right so I need to look at when it was issued? not so much the expiry date

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sourcorn · 07/06/2023 11:33


TreadSoftlyOnMyDreams · 07/06/2023 11:36

Let's say you have a ten year passport today that is expiring in September.
You decide to renew it now (1st June) so you are all set well in advance for your holiday.
Pre brexit the passport office just bolted an extra 3 months into your passport and no one batted an eyelid. They still do this so you don't "lose" the extra months.

Now - when you get ten years down the line, your 10 yrs expiry will be measured on 1 June irrespective of what your passport says. Does that make sense?

In effect you do "lose" the extra months unless you are travelling to a destination that accepts the expiry date as per your passport

Longingforthesummer · 07/06/2023 14:43

Ok clear as crystal now...but WHY would they penalised you - you're in date not expired!

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