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Why don’t kids ever stop moving?!

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Scrambledegghead · 06/06/2023 07:33

It’s still half term and our just turned 6 year old DS has started a habit of coming into our bed in the morning. But omg he DOES NOT STOP MOVING. It’s a constant wiggling, elbow in my boob, a finger poking in my face. When can they sit still?!

OP posts:
GoalShooter · 06/06/2023 07:34

I hear you, OP. Wriggle, wriggle, wriggle!

GoalShooter · 06/06/2023 07:34

Mine are teens now and can sit still! But I remember it well!

WhatInTheFuckery · 06/06/2023 07:47

Oh no ha, my 3yo is like a constant tornado but hoped it wouldn't be long until she would be able to sit still, your post gives me no hope haha

Scrambledegghead · 06/06/2023 08:59

@WhatInTheFuckery well that’s what I thought, that SURELY by the time they’re at school, they’ll have grown out of it? Otherwise how on earth does he sit still at school all day?

OP posts:
AceofPentacles · 06/06/2023 09:09

Mine is 12 and doesn't move all day sometimes 🤣

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