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Neighbour won't leave my bloody dogs in peace!

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Leavethedogsinpeace · 05/06/2023 17:54

NC and some details changed.

I have 2 dogs, one male and one female.
My boy is a big softy but territorial in the garden and at the window if anyone approaches the house. He's also protective of me in the absence of my DH more so since I've been very ill. He doesn't bite or snap, he growls a warning and barks.
My neighbour is constantly antagonising him, the neighbour likes the female dog and throws her cooked meat and biscuits but not to my boy. He continually tries to talk to the female and approaches our wall and reaches over. I've told him to stop doing this. My boy gets increasingly wound up barking and the neighbour threatens to hose him if he doesn't stop barking, he has actually hosed him and his wife told him off.
Today I was out for a bit and when I came back the neighbour said my boy was scrabbling to get out the front window to him when he arrived at his home and was aggressively barking. The windows were a mess with snot and saliva, he said mmmm it's not a great situation is it, he could have gotten out the window (it was open on the latch about 2 inches and it cant open) I just ignored him, continued what I was doing but brought the dogs in and had a little cry. My health is shit, I am in a lot of pain daily and I don't want to deal with barking dogs and have my boy distressed on top of this. I suspect the neighbour has been standing in front of the bloody window antagonising the dogs. Before I brought them in earlier the neighbour was trying to get my girl to go to him but she started barking at him, probably because of the hose but also because my boy was barking. The neighbour said oh piss off then if your barking too. His wife said quietly leave the dogs alone.
My DH is on his way home and we will discuss adding an additional fence on top of the wall. The neighbour used to work away a lot but will now be home most days so it's going to be an ongoing issue.
I really don't know how to deal with this. I wish he would just fuck off and leave us in peace, stop feeding the one dog and trying to wind them up.
Long post and probably a complete ramble. Please be very kind, I've had the snotty hiccupy tears this afternoon.

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AliceOlive · 05/06/2023 20:58

WhineWhineWhineWINE · 05/06/2023 18:32

Next time he does it turn your hosepipe on him, see how he likes it.

Awesome idea!

Are there motion detector sprinklers?

piedbeauty · 05/06/2023 21:02

What a horrible man. Agree with others about making the fence higher so he can't see the dogs over it. I'd also install a Ring doorbell so you can see if he accesses your garden to wind up your dog.

I'd also send your h round to talk to him. Tell him firmly not to feed your dog, not to talk to them or wind them up. Say you find it upsetting and stressful, and you are ill so have more important things to worry about.

He sounds like a complete dickhead.

Big sympathy to you 💐

AmeliaWarnerBros · 05/06/2023 21:02

Make a note of everything, OP, & report him for harassment if needbe 🌺 🐶 🐕 ❤️

Feduplandlord · 05/06/2023 21:20

Put a line of gravel under your windows, so you can hear crunching if he is lurking...and roses...

Leavethedogsinpeace · 05/06/2023 22:02

BungleandGeorge · 05/06/2023 20:17

Do your dogs bark when other people approach your house?

Only the postman, he opened our door one day to put a parcel inside and forgot about the dogs. Since then he's barked at the postie. He doesn't bark at any other neighbour. He will growl if a strange car or van draws up in the street. If I know we have a delivery coming I'll move them both to the kitchen. He barks at the cats that sit on our path and stare haha.

OP posts:
DingsBum · 05/06/2023 22:07

I also suggest hosing the neighbour. Or use a super soaker.

AliceOlive · 06/06/2023 00:04

What do you want to bet his wife is already hating his retirement?

mrssilky · 06/06/2023 00:31

What MrsCarson said. Plus either you or husband tell him firmly to stop feeding your girl and leave them both alone. He's an utter knobhead and I would also be as upset as you. I have a dog and a cat. I have a neighbour who waves at my dog from 2nd floor window which dog finds amusing, does 1 little bark and scoots round the garden to show off as he likes the fella.
BUT last year a different male neighbour kept feeding my cat huge bags of dreamies, literally emptying the largest packet onto the ground for her to hoover up and promptly sick up on my carpet a few minutes later. I told him she had diabetes in the hope he would stop and even put a 'do not feed collar' on her for awhile.
I caught him at it again one day, got so angry I stormed up to him to tell him to 'stop bloody feeding her, you moron, you'll kill her!'
His face dropped and said 'sorry I didn't know' -bloody liar! - and promptly moved 3 weeks later!
Wish all annoyimg neighbours were that swift at fekking off.

BreviloquentBastard · 06/06/2023 00:42

My mam used to have a neighbour who fed the dogs over the fence. After asking her to stop several times and being ignored she retailiated by launching the remains of a fish (think head, spine, tail) over the fence back at her. It got caught dangling from her washing line. I don't actually recommend this approach, but neighbour did stop feeding the dogs.

I'm sorry your neighbour is being a prat OP, I hope you get it sorted.

momager1 · 06/06/2023 01:10

Oh OP I have not read the whole thread, but I understand what you are going through. We have moved into a gated community and have 1 day and 2 night security walking around constantly. They love my dogs and always tried to feed them, thank god for google translate as i speak very little of the language here. Alot of dogs are killed by people lacing their food with poison . Not at all suggesting that your neighbor would do that, but dogs should be trained to never eat anything that their owner does not give them. My dogs turn their nose up, and security guards love them (even take them for a night walk sometimes lol) but now understand it is a safeguarding issue. If it doesn't come out of their bowl or from us they are not allowed it. It stops them from picking up gross things like jellyfish on the beach hahaha.

NotAnAngelOrAHero · 06/06/2023 01:45

How bloody annoying! He needs telling and you need a taller fence

Canuck48 · 06/06/2023 02:27

Yeah, this behaviour by your male neighbour is not on at all. It’s not fair to your dogs to be aggravated so much. Definitely put up CCTV to get the behaviour on video. Document all interaction with them in a notebook for prosperity as it’s not going to end well I suspect especially as he’s a know it all who is now bored.

Do all you can to deter. There is such thing as motion activated sprinklers. Many people use them to deter people from walking on their lawns. Perfect for your front garden/window.

I am so angry on your dogs behalf. They should be able to be at peace on and in their own property, not bothered by some asshole n

LBF2020 · 06/06/2023 06:04

I'm fuming for you OP. We have similar at work where a delivery driver always winds up one of my dogs. He brings chocolate digestives and gives them to the dogs without asking/throws toys for my elderly dog even though I've asked him not to because she has bad legs. In my case it does come from a kind place, but I've had to become unfriendly/abrupt as he just won't listen.

Can you put up a temporary fence so the dogs can't go right up to your neighbours fence? Something like this which has clips so it can be used in one long line
I also think the film on your window is a good idea.
Otherwise, I know it's a pain - but only letting dogs in garden when you are there and having dogs on long line lead. I'm thinking your neighbour might get bored if the dogs stop reacting?

BarleySugars · 06/06/2023 06:12

Cctv, note every incident (especially the food!) And put 'recorded on cctv' by each incident, then post him a copy every month, as well as the window film and a high, thick, thorny hedge!

crew2022 · 06/06/2023 06:56

If you have legal cover as part of your home insurance then get their advice.
I think a cease and desist style letter recorded delivery is a good idea although try other options first.
Ring doorbell is a fantastic option.

Leavethedogsinpeace · 06/06/2023 09:18

Morning, thank you. Things are a lot clearer this morning and I'm annoyed I've let the situations get to this point by being passive and blubbing. It's overcast today so he won't be out in the garden. I don't know if he's actually there as the car has gone since tea time yesterday. DH is livid, he doesn't want any ill feeling but won't be letting this happen, he's off this weekend and will be here to control any altercations.
We will get the fence stuff Friday and get the wall area blocked off that will help a lot. My boy is happy in the kitchen when I'm out, I will order a big mat so they can be in there together.
Thank you for all the suggestions and kind responses x

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