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Has anyone fully lost their sense of smell from a cold like illness other than covid?

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Fuckstix · 05/06/2023 13:25

Hi all,

Just that- I had anosmia in 2020 and slowly got quite a bit of my senses of smell and taste back (far from fully but a big improvement). This week I've had a nasty cough/ cold/ some flu symptoms like a temperature and aches but testing negative for covid (I work in healthcare hence still testing).

I lost my sense of smell fully about 3 days ago and can only taste very faint sweet, sour, salt, bitter, umami. I don't feel very congested so it's not like when your nose is blocked and you can't smell much for a bit.

Just wondering if anyone has had this and how long it has taken to come back? Obviously I'm a bit worried as it took so long to get back to where I was, nearly 3 years.

Perhaps it's covid but not being picked up by an LFT.

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