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Any DIYers? Window beginning to jam, what should I do?

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colddietcokewithice · 04/06/2023 21:37

The windows are probably due replacing (20 years old) but not something I can take on. I'm having to pull and bang the handle to get it sliding into place after being opened.

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CatherinedeBourgh · 04/06/2023 21:38

What are the windows made of?

colddietcokewithice · 04/06/2023 21:39


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CatherinedeBourgh · 04/06/2023 21:48

Check whether both the window and the frame are still square. If they are, then it may be the hinges have come a bit loose, check them. Or the window could have swelled up, make sure the paint on the outside is in good shape so the wood doesn't take on water.

colddietcokewithice · 04/06/2023 21:50

Thank you. It's shut for tonight so that can be tomorrow's job.

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