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What age did your boy get his first hair cut?

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MullerInk · 04/06/2023 17:18

I think I need to take DS but he seems to tiny. He's 14 months. The fringe comes ro his eye brows and the back is to his collar but has a weird texture like its heat damaged at the back (Obviously it isn't) and is quite thick.

OP posts:
mondaytosunday · 04/06/2023 23:15

Just before he turned one. He looked so smart.

mobear · 04/06/2023 23:29

8 months. DS had so much hair when he was born it was noted by the sonographer during scans. By 8 months he had full on side burns and his fringe was covering his eyes!

Yellowcakestand · 04/06/2023 23:32

On his 2nd birthday

MyCatIsAFuckwit · 04/06/2023 23:38

The damage will be from him sleeping on the back of his head.
My boy was just over 18 months.
Take him to a ladies salon and ask them to use scissors only (no clippers) it is much softer and lass brutal.

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