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toobusytothink · 04/06/2023 15:00

I wondered this too. Surely if he won’t disclose driver then he is considered to be driving and thought he hadn’t passed so wouldn’t that be punishment for driving without a licence? Or has he got a licence but chooses not to drive?

LakeTiticaca · 04/06/2023 15:00

They will be added to any future licence he may hold. Since he refused to say who was driving, I would take a wild guess that it was himself 😉

SkunkAndNanci · 04/06/2023 15:01

The article says he doesn't drive.

OP posts:
drpet49 · 04/06/2023 15:11

Should have jailed him for 30 days instead.

Floralys2 · 04/06/2023 15:15

Does this mean that he could in theory keep racking up points if the car owned by him kept committing offences with him refusing to give the details of the driver?

A licence holder would be banned at twelve points, he obviously can't be banned because he doesn't have a licence!

LlynTegid · 04/06/2023 15:16

The law does not really provide for another option. Six months without his passport would be an effective sanction, as I am sure his band perform abroad.

CalistoNoSolo · 04/06/2023 18:15

God, he's such an entitled wanker. How anyone can bear to listen to his shitty boring music is beyond me, and now this. Surely this is contempt of court? Massive, massive fine or lock him up for six months.

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