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If you take anti-depressants can you tell me about them/ how you find them/ anything really

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Iamsuchanidiothelpme · 04/06/2023 08:22

I think I need to start taking anti-depressants for the first time in my life (age 39 but to be honest I probably should have started a few years ago)

so I’m doing research I’d like to ask if anyone would be happy to share with me what you take, if you think they work, any side affects, do you think you will need them forever or is this short term, what should I expect etc.

and one important question, how did you first get them?
the thought of initially asking a doctor is the main thing putting me off.
my surgery is one of the ones where you have to ring dead on 8am and if you’re lucky enough to get through the receptionist wants to know why you want an appointment- I can’t bring myself to say why to this person.
mid you don’t get an appointment you have to wait until 12 noon to fill in an “e-consult”. Then a doctor decides wether to call you back.

OP posts:
Soubriquet · 04/06/2023 08:30

I’ve been taking them since I was 16

I found I was so much better on them. Not so emotional. I used to cry all the time and everything set me off. When the tablets got into my system, I was able to be a lot more mature in my thinking.

However, I’m 34 now and I’m starting to think I might need my dosage upping as I’m starting to go back to how I was. Still I’ve had many good years on it

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