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Random sentence you've heard today...

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PickledMuffin · 03/06/2023 21:25

Mine is 'she's eating a sausage roll in a bush...'

love to hear yours!

OP posts:
PuttingDownRoots · 03/06/2023 21:27

My 10yo DD got very defensive on the rights of Ants earlier. We shouldn't blame them for their behaviour apparently as they were born that way.

Pringleface · 03/06/2023 21:27

‘All my cousin’s kids are gay so that’s a perfect present.’

SeeingSpots · 03/06/2023 21:29

A women on the phone walking past my house earlier whilst I was folding laundry uttered the words.

" then I locked him in the cupboard..."

I've never been more tempted to follow and earwig a conversation in my life and I have so many questions!

tailinthejam · 03/06/2023 21:44

"... yeah, come over to the garden and we can do it if you hold the hoover".

EdnaMole · 03/06/2023 22:01

“I’m certainly not taking my pants off in the middle of a field, Alison..”

Chatillon · 03/06/2023 23:21

Young couple, circa 20/21, probably a few weeks into a relationship walked past my car parked up outside some brand new luxury apartments in a vibrant local town.

He said to her: "I would be OK living in an apartment. If it was a big city of course. Or one like this..." (nodding to the appartment). "Though this isn't a big city, so either a big city or a town like this, but also anywhere in between."

Right, so that's any nice apartment anywhere then!!

NeverTrustAPoliceman · 03/06/2023 23:25

Take that dinosaur out of your mouth, you don't know where it's been.

Gowlett · 03/06/2023 23:30

Two young women walking down the street in Town today - “and then he mentioned Caroline Flack”

MaMisled · 03/06/2023 23:48

Will you eat the bit with the dirt on, my teeth are a bit sensitive.

Cakeonthefloor · 03/06/2023 23:58

"Dad, can you actually die of boredom?"

WhatTheHeckyPeck · 04/06/2023 00:11

"It was so big I couldn't walk properly for days"

musixa · 04/06/2023 00:18

Mum to gregarious toddler in a shop: "No, Ryan. You mustn't talk to strangers you don't know!"

Was tempted to interject "As opposed to strangers you know really well?" 😁

RunnyPaint · 04/06/2023 00:31

Sorry, not today, but this snippet really intrigued me:

You know that time I worked in a hospital in Zambia? Well, no one told me about the leopard...

TwoPointFourCatsAndDogs · 04/06/2023 00:33

“Look, mating sea turtles”. And they were!

FussyPud · 04/06/2023 02:44

I don’t like puffs, they’re rarely inclined to look the same.

(Subject was puff stitches on a crochet project!)

wizzbitt · 04/06/2023 10:07

Gowlett · 03/06/2023 23:30

Two young women walking down the street in Town today - “and then he mentioned Caroline Flack”

I love your username. Are you in Zone 2 near the Overground line? 👋🏿

Something I overheard a while ago now but still cracks me up is:
Mum: No you CAN'T hit your brother on the head with your bike helmet!

PickledMuffin · 04/06/2023 10:41

@WhatTheHeckyPeck 😳

OP posts:
WhatTheHeckyPeck · 04/06/2023 11:46

PickledMuffin · 04/06/2023 10:41

@WhatTheHeckyPeck 😳

I have to confess me and DP did giggle like a couple of schoolkids but after a few minutes later after hearing a bit more (it was a phone conversation between a woman and whoever....the woman was sitting on the table next to us in a pub garden and was quite loud), it turned out she was talking about a blister on her foot. We weren't sure whether to be relived or disappointed on her behalf.

PickledMuffin · 04/06/2023 12:26

@WhatTheHeckyPeck 🤣🤣🤣

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