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Cost of installing a shower cubicle

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Hithisismee · 03/06/2023 09:50

Can anyone say what you paid? I know it may differ greatly but I would appreciate ideas of cost of an electric and non electric walk in shower. Thanks for any replies.

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Hithisismee · 03/06/2023 10:14


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Mydoghealsmyheart · 03/06/2023 18:21

Watching with interest OP. Sorry I can’t help with an answer.

KnickerlessParsons · 03/06/2023 18:30

I would think it would depend on
Where you want to put it.

thatcornishfeeling · 03/06/2023 18:32

Following because our bath is extra deep and I'm struggling to get in and out

purpledagger · 03/06/2023 18:52

we paid £1600 labour for our shower cubicle to be installed and tiled (plus some extra tiling and flooring). this was in our new loft conversation, so the pipe work etc was in place

we are greater London and it took two long days with 1-2 people working on it.

Hithisismee · 04/06/2023 18:30

Thanks all. It would be in a downstairs large bathroom. It would have to be a small cubicle.

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Wildernesstips · 04/06/2023 18:37

We paid about £3k to have our old one ripped out and replaced (labour and components) as we had a leak.

Thistlelass · 04/06/2023 19:13

I have just had my bath taken out and a walk in shower fitted. The bill from the plumber was £1500 but he did not fit the shower walling. My son who is a joiner did some work too. I used the shower I already had as it was working fine and quite new.

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