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Neighbours weed smell

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timesogin · 02/06/2023 21:13

Our neighbours smoke a lot of weed. Everyday.
We live in a terraced house and it comes through inside.
They are definitely not smoking outside (they rarely go outside) and it's not coming in through open windows.
I don't think for a second that me asking them to smoke outside or open their windows so it vents out and doesn't come through so much into our house would make any difference. They are polite to us but clearly struggling themselves and I presume have addictions rather than enjoying the odd weekend smoke.

We have young DCs and I hate them breathing it in and associating the smell with home 🤢

So my question is - what can I do?!
I have windows open as much as possible to air it off. But we are away tomorrow night and need to shut up the house and I know when we get back on Sunday our house will stink.

What can I use/do to get rid of the smell?!
Has anyone else dealt with this and managed to get rid of it?

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