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Recommend me a hoover!

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Wheresthesundude · 02/06/2023 19:42

Cordless animal Dyson packed in today, would anyone recommend theirs? Especially if you've had a Dyson before? I've only had it 4 years, is that really how long they last now?

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Datafan55 · 02/06/2023 19:57

I had a (non cordless) Animal Dyson for a while - also lasted a few years only. Cost as much as my cooker, if I recall! - very disappointing.
Replaced by a Vax - lasting much better.
(although I don't have a pet/pet hair so not a totally direct comparison)

Datafan55 · 02/06/2023 19:58

P.S I can't believe Friday nights have come to this :-D

Ilikewinter · 02/06/2023 20:00

Hated my im 100% Shark convert. Animal anti hair wrap BUT corded, will never by cordless again, to small dirt chamber and cant be arsed with charging it all the time.

Wheresthesundude · 02/06/2023 20:00

Thank you, I'll have a look at those, how long has it lasted so far and would you say it's decent? We have a cat so not a huge amount of pet hair. Dyson was pretty abysmal at picking up that tbh, we used one of those carpet scrapers to get the hair up.

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Done2much · 02/06/2023 20:01


Nitgel · 02/06/2023 20:01


Wheresthesundude · 02/06/2023 20:03

😭🤣 yup. Watching TV with the kids mumsnetting about Hoovers on a Friday night. What has my life become ?

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MayBeee · 02/06/2023 20:04

I have a cordless shark anti hair wrap which is used for a quick wizz round daily, but when I get the big guns out I use my Sebo a fab machine.

Datafan55 · 02/06/2023 20:06

I'm not sure exactly when I got my Vax - it was a present from my parents so can't check the email order. At least six years ago though, I reckon.

Off to a wild party now. No, I can't even convince myself :-)

Datafan55 · 02/06/2023 20:06

My Dyson did spend quite a lot of time in bits too as it was/they are quite temperamental.

Ilikewinter · 02/06/2023 20:09

My Shark, I would guess around 2 years, my collie likes to attack it its stood up to some battering over that time!. I had a VAX and it was honestly embarrasing and shocking the amount of crap the Shark sucked up the first time I used it !

anotherday22 · 02/06/2023 20:16

Love a hoover!
Can recommend my shark upright corded for a quick runaround and stairs then the eufy for the daily clean. The Miele gets to stay solely for upstairs and the vax is now purely relocated to the garage only. Let's not forget the Bissell carpet cleaner...what has my life come to?!

WhatADrabCarpet · 02/06/2023 20:17


dutysuite · 02/06/2023 20:18

I have a shark upright, it’s powerful but I find it really heavy

Blondeissimo · 02/06/2023 20:20

Used to have a Dyson and it was just okay but only lasted three years. Now have a Sebo and it's on year 10 and still as powerful as the day I bight it. Copes with copious cat hairs on a daily basis.

AmusableDragon · 02/06/2023 20:48

Our cordless Dyson died (and it was a relief!). We now have a cordless Henry or rather Hetty, and I can't recommend it enough. We also have the Shark upright, which is great but is heavy as others have said.

MathsNervous · 02/06/2023 21:09

Henry. Nothing can compare.

MadeFrom100percentPears · 02/06/2023 22:35

Another vote for Henry. Surprised I had to scroll this far! Indestructible and relatively cheap!

CrumbliestCrumble · 02/06/2023 22:54

Shark. After Henry died i got a shark.
Well the box of dirt was full. I had hoovered with Henry before his passing the day before.
And the anti hair wrap is brilliant.

Soozikinzii · 02/06/2023 23:43

Love a hoover chat ! I have a shark cordless and miell cat and dog also a honiture robot ! The mielle cat and dog is definitely the best though - most powerful.

whatchagonnado · 03/06/2023 00:22

Shark, but it needs a fair bit of tlc- wash the filter, remove pet hair from rollers regularly, check for blockages, buy a second battery for it, empty container before it gets too full and causes blockages.

If you do theses things regularly, it's great. Previously had a Henry with a cable and it wasn't quite as good as the Shark ever really

inloveandmarried · 03/06/2023 01:11

Shark. My Dyson was taken to the tip. I'm a covert.

Geppili · 03/06/2023 01:54


Pumpkintopf · 03/06/2023 02:05


Wheresthesundude · 03/06/2023 15:02

Thanks for the suggestions... Its draining the life out of me scrolling through them all when they all look the same. These look to be bagless and hooverlike, anyone have any of these? 🙏

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