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Lego- best way to sell it?

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LotsOfBalloons · 02/06/2023 14:00

So both my kids were into lego. We have tons of Harry Potter and lego friends sets - most the friends ones have been broken down into bits and in the general drawers. I don't think we have time/energy to check which bits from HP lego sets are missing and order them as I'd initially thought we'd do.

So how best to sell? I know lego is still quite valuable. Where do I sell it? Some people buy it and sort it down they? Is it by weight?

Amy ideas gratefully welcomed. I am looking forwards to reclaiming half my living room!

OP posts:
ZeroFucksGivenToday · 02/06/2023 14:03

You could stick it on eBay/Facebook market place as a job lot (do you have boxes & instructions?) but you will get less for it, as collectors want complete or near complete sets.
someome will take it off your hands and sort and then probably resell. (My brother does exactly that!)
Harry Potter is more profitable than Lego friends, is you may want to try separating it all out.

SophisticatedWoman · 02/06/2023 14:06
LotsOfBalloons · 02/06/2023 14:07

Yep happy to do it as a job lot just no idea how to price it?! We have some boxes and instructions but the proper complete ones we already sold on (and we bought some this way!)

I know it would be worth more sorted but we meant to do that last summer...and can't face it now!

OP posts:
Redannie118 · 02/06/2023 14:07

You still get a reasonable amount for mixed lego sets. We bought some off our local marketplace, it was a supermarket carrier full and it was about 25 pound.

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