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Song title party costume

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Citygirlrurallife · 01/06/2023 16:25

Got one coming up and want something vaguely easy but also a bit more than “China girl” or “devil in the blue dress” but also don’t want to have to explain….

would love to do a David Bowie song, any genius ideas for:
lady stardust
rebel rebel

OP posts:
foreverbasil · 01/06/2023 16:35

Genius is a big ask!
All I've got is this.....covered in pages from an old calendar. I think it's an easy to guess Bowie song...

Song title party costume
FourEyesGood · 01/06/2023 16:38

Aladdin Sane? (Aladdin costume, but you have to be totally balanced and not at all unhinged throughout the party)

Cracked Actor? (Dressed as a recognisable actor of your choice, with a crack along your face)

Andy Warhol?

Sweet Head? (Stick a load of Haribo to your face and hair)

Queen Bitch? (Wear a crown and be horrible all night)

PedantScorner · 01/06/2023 16:40

Diamond dogs.
plain background with sparkly dog motifs?

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