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It is possible to see who is reading your tweets?

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piedbeauty · 01/06/2023 14:38

As above! Is there any way to find out who is looking at your tweets? Is there an app that can do this?

OP posts:
BonnieGlasses · 01/06/2023 14:40

Nope, it's impossible to tell.

Changingplace · 01/06/2023 14:41

No, you can tell if someone follows you but even then it doesn’t mean they’ve necessarily read the tweet or even logged in recently.

piedbeauty · 01/06/2023 16:05

Are you sure?? That's what I hoped, but I want to check...

OP posts:
Letsallthinkofaname · 01/06/2023 16:18

You really can't see, and if someone's telling you otherwise they're clearly trying to bait you into saying something

Roussette · 01/06/2023 16:26

Not who... but you can see how many read your tweet, retweet it, and how many bookmark it.

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