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99redballoons123 · 31/05/2023 20:21

I'm just wondering if anyone lives in or near Seaham? if so would you recommend it? I'm considering buying a house there, no need for schools and can wfh.
Thanks 😊

OP posts:
kangaroopelicanartic · 31/05/2023 20:23

It was rough AF when i lived there a few years ago.

Hartlepool is nicer imo!

DontTouchMyMug · 31/05/2023 20:24

I love the north east of England, have been to Seaham Hall on holiday which was nice, but have to say Seaham as a town didn't strike me as particularly attractive or illustrious.

Any reason for Seaham in particular or is it just that you like the house? I think there are other areas of the coast I'd pick but they might come with painful price tag (don't know for sure, just musing)

Hopefully a local will be along soon with knowledge!

JollyJellyCat · 31/05/2023 20:27

It's nicer than it was and has some ritzy cafes and restaurants these days. Seafront is lovely.

There are definitely areas to avoid, not sure which specifically so you need a more local local to advise but generally cheaper houses = less desirable area.

99redballoons123 · 31/05/2023 20:36

Wow thank you for the quick responses.
I'm looking at terraced houses close to the seafront. I'm looking at Seaham because I've been there many times and loved it. But I appreciate that visiting isn't the same as living there.

OP posts:
TheTruthAboutLove · 31/05/2023 20:44

I am born and raised and still live in Seaham, and lol to the poster who said Hartlepool was better!

As with anywhere it has its good and bad parts, there’s a lot of groups of kids causing havoc, theft and riding motorbikes all through the night. And you can guarantee the police helicopter will be out every weekend!
Saying that, it almost feels like the Harbour is cut off from the rest of Seaham in that it’s almost been gentrified. So if you plan to live down that way and not visit any other part it’s a lovely area. Other downsides are there are two roads in, two roads out. Traffic gets massively backed up especially at rush hour and on weekends when the car boot sale is on. I love it here, but then I don’t know any different! You were right when you said visiting isn’t anything like living here, that’s completely true and if you’ve just been down the Harbour, that’s not real Seaham.

kangaroopelicanartic · 02/06/2023 00:12

Hartlepool is better.

There's more supermarkets, the museum and quey, Ward Jackson park is lovely and it has more to do!

sheepdreams · 02/06/2023 06:49

There has been a lot of regeneration in Seaham and some lovely parts on the coast but it’s not without its issues. What about Roker, Fulwell, Seaburn at Sunderland? Beautiful coastal area but the houses are more expensive.

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