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Small (cheap/free) daily pleasures pls?

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warblingwater · 31/05/2023 18:05

Going through a bit of a shit time at the mo, DH is waiting for a bone marrow transplant (needs a donor), outlook isn't great and while he is waiting he needs radiotherapy to shrink his cancer.
He had his first radiotherapy session this afternoon and is SO sick. He's having it daily (weekdays) for 15 days, I'll be ferrying him to the appointments.
I'm lost and so sad and my mind is just full of all terrible what if situations so I'm making a positive effort to ensure I do something every day that sparks a bit of joy.
Today I sat and had a coffee in a nice cafe and read a book while he had his treatment.
Tomorrow I'm going to (attempt to) paint my toenails in a lovely colour.
I've got a nice face mask lurking somewhere so will have a long bath one day.
Anyone like to share cheap/free mood boosters for me?
I'm not working at the moment as I'm caring for DH so I have lots of free time when we aren't at appointments and I find myself doom scrolling on social media either bursting into tears at soppy TikToks or feeling ever so slightly resentful of my friends who all seem to be having a lovely time with their healthy families. I'm happy for them, I'm just sad for me and the DC

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PatchworkDonkey · 01/06/2023 02:22

Take an ice lolly for a walk, put on some uplifting music or just listen to the birdsong. Go find all your local parks, green spaces and explore.

Get a fashion magazine for distraction for a while or one of those really cheap magazines full of stories like: my cousin's friends cat is pregnant...and my boyfriend is the father! I went sunbathing on the roof in a hurricane and survived because my bikini strap caught on the ariel...heres the pics I took in the eye of the storm whilst dangling upside down! Etc. Something to take you out of your head and into a fantasy world.

Check out what story series are on the radio, tuning in at the same time for the next installment will give you something pleasant to look forward to.

Get one of those adults colouring books, some pencils and spend half hour on it daily for relaxation.

Create a bedtime routine where you get cozy, light a scented candle and put your worries in a notebook so you can sleep in peace. Or whatever is right for you if that's your idea of hell.

Find someone to follow on YouTube who uploads videos once or twice a week. I follow one who emigrated to another country permanently, one who transforms themselves into what looks like a completely different person with makeup techniques each week, one who can sew and makes most of her clothes, homewares and accessories with step by step demonstration of how to, and an animal charity working in a developing country. Just to give you ideas.

LuluBlakey1 · 01/06/2023 02:35

Planting seeds in seed trays and watching them quickly sprout and grow and need potting on, turn into fully grown plants and flower. Choose scented ones.
Baking a cake or a traybake.
Bird feeders in the garden- we get all sorts of birds from bullfinches to parakeets and also a squirrel.
A lazy bath and a book.
I draw and paint - just started when I was very depressed last year and I love it. I can't believe how much I have i proved from nothing. I sit in the garden room with the doors open into the garden, a mug of nice coffee and listen to the birds while I do it. It is mind-consuming and so relaxing.
A walk by yourself somewhere green or at the coast.
Gardening - good for the soul.
Tidying drawers. 😁

BreadInCaptivity · 01/06/2023 02:37

Might sound trite but when dealing with illness and having to wash hands especially carefully, hand soap with essential oils and hand cream make it into a pleasant experience to be enjoyed.

Just enjoy the time alone in the bathroom and slightly zone out as you wash/massage your hands whilst breathing in the scent of the fragrance.

Summer2424 · 01/06/2023 03:44

Hi @warblingwater sorry you're going through this xx
I like trying a new bit of make up and looking up make up tips, researching and buying a new superfood and doing a new workout routine.

MintJulia · 01/06/2023 04:22

I had to deal with BC and chemo last year. I'm a single mum with a ds so I kept most of it to myself.

I filled my greenhouse with tomatoes and cucumbers. After work, I would take a few minutes in the greenhouse watering the plants. Warm, green, peaceful, smelt lovely 🙂

AuntieJune · 01/06/2023 08:23

I find myself doom scrolling on social media either bursting into tears at soppy TikToks or feeling ever so slightly resentful of my friends who all seem to be having a lovely time with their healthy families. I'm happy for them, I'm just sad for me and the DC

A major thing you can do to improve your mental health is getting off social media. It encourages you to compare yourself and your life to others, increases insecurity and anxiety.

For all you know, despite the good photos they might be in debt/infidelity/depression/domestic violence etc etc etc. Social media does not show the truth, it shows handpicked moments that present people as they want the outside world to see them.

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