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What does your day look like- meals

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Wobblybitssaggytits · 31/05/2023 14:10

Hello everyone…
feel stuck in a rut cooking same old and just wondered what people typically eat for breakfast lunch and dinner?
I personally have:
breakfast- toast or fruit with coffee
lunch- usually a sandwich or toasty
dinner-spag bol, jacket potatoes, roast, past bake etc

just abit fed up and wanted fresh input 😊

OP posts:
MrsPelligrinoPetrichor · 31/05/2023 14:13

Aldi vegan sausages/ poached eggs and soya yoghurt with raspberries/ blueberries and a banana.

Protein bagel with ham/ lettuce and cucumber. Light chocolate pot and a plant based babybel.

Salmon and noodle stir fry.

Slimming World 🤣

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