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What can I take to calm nerves

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AssertiveGertrude · 31/05/2023 12:15

It’s not a driving test but something similar and I need to be calm and clear headed ? Do those tablets like Kalms work - getting very tearful and anxious which isn’t like me but this means a lot to me

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YogaLite · 31/05/2023 12:17

Polo mints help clarity of thought/alertness, eg my ds' driving instructor recommends them.

Not sure about kalms ...

3luckystars · 31/05/2023 12:18

A deep breath!! Good luck.

OnceBitten25 · 31/05/2023 12:18

Rescue remedy works well for me. Comes in drops or pastilles

PinkFootstool · 31/05/2023 12:19

When is it?

I take St John's Wort for my anxiety and depression symptoms which for me includes being teary. It's not a quick fix though.

Rescue Remedy might help, but didn't do much for me.

Imeldatryagain · 31/05/2023 12:26

When I took my driving test (I was very nervous and had failed twice), someone recommended half a banana and a shot of Rescue Remedy. Might be nonsense but if heard bananas have calming properties. Whether it was the placebo effect or not, I passed! 😊

AssertiveGertrude · 31/05/2023 12:33

I actually think I heard about having a banana !! I love them so that’s good

thanks so much to you all

OP posts:
Sandybabey · 31/05/2023 12:54

I've tried loads of things for anxiety and Kalms are really the best for me. They work and no side effects that I get with propranolol and CBD. They don't make you feel spaced out just really really calm.

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