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What to cook on holiday when there's nothing in the cupboards- what's your go to?

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quirkyquerty · 30/05/2023 20:22

We are on holiday in Norway, we've had a few meals out but as it's quite expensive we are trying to do some meals at home too. We've had pasta twice so far, and hotdogs. We moved to new accommodation today it has nothing, not even oil or salt and pepper. I don't want to spend lots in the shops as supermarkets also expensive, so what might you cook?


OP posts:
LadyBumps · 30/05/2023 20:30

Stir-fry with your protein of choice and a packet sauce? Micro-rice or noodles to bulk out if you're all very hungry?

LadyBumps · 30/05/2023 20:31

Pizza & salad? Ready-cooked chicken, crusty bread & salad?

PinkPondQueen · 30/05/2023 20:31

Cheese & bread/crackers 😋

UsingChangeofName · 30/05/2023 20:32

I don't know how different things in the supermarkets are in Norway, but if I were here, I would buy some stuff that you can just bung on an oven tray - kievs, fish, fish fingers, etc., with some oven chips. Or pizza.
Anything that doesn't need you to create anything.
tbh, the family sized ready made lasagnes here are nice.

FatAgainItsLettuceTime · 30/05/2023 20:34

I would buy fresh bread, cheese, butter, jam, salad veg and fruit

Cheese on toast for tonight, with salad, or add sliced tomatoes before grilling.

Toast with butter and jam for breakfast

Fruit for snacking.

MinxieMax · 30/05/2023 20:35

Rolls or whatever nice bread they have, and fillers like tuna, egg mayo etc. Lots of fish in Norway I hear! Add some crisps and things and you're good to go. A pile of sandwiches and/or rolls is my go to when I can't be bothered and they are usually devoured in a few minutes.

Paperlate · 30/05/2023 20:38

I'd buy bread, butter, cheese, cold meat and salad.

NuffSaidSam · 30/05/2023 20:41

I'd buy bread and eggs (maybe beans if they're available in Norway).

Or bread, few cheeses, bit of salad and crisps.

And some bananas.

IsisoftheWalbrook · 30/05/2023 20:41

Last time we were there I got our food from the local Joker and cooked for us because eating out was so expensive. The things that were instant from the supermarket were things like:

cheese, bread or crispbreads and salad.
jacket potatoes, cheese and coleslaw.
bolognese (mince and sauce) with pasta and cheese.
cold meats and salad with crusty bread.

I always travel with a small range of ingredients though, so was able to make some other meals that were a bit more involved too.

LouLou198 · 30/05/2023 20:42

Pasta, pesto and garlic bread is usually my go to in these situations. Add bacon or chicken.

purplecorkheart · 30/05/2023 20:43

What cooking facilities do you have? I just googled and came across this

It gives the name of the cheapest Supermarkets.

Given the price of things there I would be looking at cheap as much as possible. Pasta and a jarred sauce (cheaper than buying all the herbs salt pepper etc).

Trixibella · 30/05/2023 20:44

Sausages and buttery, peppery mash.

crackofdoom · 30/05/2023 20:47

Get a box of eggs, some cheese and a bagged salad and have omelettes? You'll need a little butter or oil though...butter might be best because you could also use it for sandwiches.

Alternatively, what does the deli chiller cabinet have? Are there things like coleslaw and potato salad? You could buy a quiche, or, I don't know...aren't they big into herring and other fish in Norway?

AdaColeman · 30/05/2023 20:52

Tinned fish selection, roll mops, herring in mustard or tomato sauce, sild, mackerel in different sauces, smoked trout etc etc...with breads, plus potato salad, lentil salad, mixed bean salad.
Russian salad of potatoes with chopped salami type sausages, beetroot coleslaw.

Is food there much more expensive than you had expected?

Look out for wild mushrooms in the shops to make a risotto.

weareallout · 30/05/2023 22:16

Jacket spuds

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