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Is it normal for a toddler to be THIS fussy?

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HowBeOn · 30/05/2023 19:03

My 21 month old DD started off a really good eater but as time as gone on she has gotten fussier and fussier to the point where she will basically now only eat the following:

Bread (Includes things like crumpets etc)
Ice cream

When she first started refusing things she would still eat things like tomato pasta that I could hide veg in, baked beans on toast/jacket potatoes, but that’s stopped now.

We don’t force her to eat and I’ve been trying to make sure there’s something I know she likes on the plate but she’s rejecting all the things she used to eat happily, to the point where she’s had weetabix and strawberries for breakfast lunch and dinner today. I know it’s not the worst thing ever, but I’m getting really worried about her not getting enough nutrients or eating enough.

Has anybody else ever had this? Did they grow out of it?

OP posts:
SnappyDragony · 30/05/2023 21:08

Fairly standard. Mines a white carb lover at the moment and has branched out to pasta which he never liked before .
Remember, dinners and lunches can look weird to us (mine had strawberries, banana, rice cake with peanut butter, some chopped cashews, some cheese and a scotch egg) but if you can squeeze in some goodness go for it! Mine avoids veg unless blended in a sauce, I also hated veg at that age so I give him plenty fruit and sweeter veg like parsnip and carrot.
Some days he eats very little but other days will gorge!
Toddlers, eh?!

SnappyDragony · 30/05/2023 21:09

Also a multi vit if you are worried. Mine calls them sweeties 😁

NeverDropYourMooncup · 30/05/2023 21:16

Bread and cereal covers the carbs. I'd guess she has butter - maybe she'd eat cream cheese (try topping with strawberries rather than jam) or peanut butter and banana on toast soldiers? Or dipping soldiers in boiled egg?

Milk and ice cream cover the dairy - calcium and protein.

Strawberries cover vitamin C (might be able to slip raspberries and blueberries past her, too).

Eggs cover the protein.

It's really not terrible at all. She might like some more finger food type things to go with stuff that's relatively easy to wrangle (the weetabix, bread, strawberries, egg, are all quite easy to pick up or keep on a spoon).

Derbybound2022 · 30/05/2023 21:18

Mine won't touch wet food now at 4 yo.

RedRobin100 · 30/05/2023 21:21

Yep! 🤯

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