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Angry Year 2 teacher

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Year2teacher · 30/05/2023 18:00

I am a long time contributor to these boards, particularly the Education and staffroom boards. However, I have name changed as this post would be outing.

I am posting to highlight the absolutely ridiculous situation Year 2 teachers across the country find themselves in each year.

I am currently preparing for Moderation during the first week after half term. During that time I will have a moderator come into my school and look at my judgements in writing, reading and writing by selecting a random group of children.

These judgements are drawn from not only doing the SAT papers but from my entire year of teaching. Every single lesson I teach this year.

I need to have evidence that each child in my class has achieved every single objective in writing, reading and maths. Not from the National Curriculum however, but the assessment framework, which is different...

I have to assess to see if they are Working towards, Expected or Greater depth to check they have evidence in their work for every single objective. The objectives for each level are different so I need to make sure I have provided enough opportunities for children to achieve greater depth, make sure those working at working towards have evidence for those objectives etc.

If a child was away or achieved an objective through adult support, it is not good enough. I need to provide opportunities for them to do that work independently.

If I marked their work and made changes it cannot be classed as independent and can't be used as evidence.

Finding evidence, planning for and teaching gaps in evidence and worrying at it all has taken hours and hours of my time.

The moderator will arrive and choose children randomly. They may choose a child who was off for three months. They may agree with my judgements (been teaching Year 2 for 15 years) or they may not.

I won't know until the morning so need to provide all evidence for all children.

I need to provide my results before they arrive so that can check I don't change them after they've been. In case I try and cheat...

This is on top of my normal crazy job in a term in which I'm also writing reports.

And why? I could grade every child in my class without needing to provide all of this evidence because I'm experienced and know my children.

Why do they government insist on proving they don't trust Year 2 teachers and making us jump through these ridiculous hoops?

I'm increasingly annoyed about this complete waste of time that takes me away from my class doing meaningless and pointless admin.

If you know year 2 teacher who is being moderated. Buy them chocolate.

OP posts:
JussathoB · 30/05/2023 18:35

Sending sympathy- as a secondary teacher for many years I understand something of what you are going through ( although didn’t do the specific tasks you describe for year 2) - for us the teaching, assessment and moderation of coursework was a similar problem although at the moment it’s been replaced by exams. The ridiculous over complication is the same.
The workload is a nightmare and the rules and ‘prove it ‘ bureacracy even worse.
Hang on in there, you’ve done all the hard work so just try to get through the last steps. I’m sure you have done a very good job. Make sure you get to sit out in the sunshine tomorrow after school and relax.

OliviaOyl · 30/05/2023 19:03

Cake and Flowers for you OP.

Sheruns · 30/05/2023 19:10

I'm with you. Not to mention having to mark the sats papers yourself!

TeenDivided · 30/05/2023 19:13


MyMachineAndMe · 30/05/2023 19:14

It was shit like this that made me refuse a full-time post. I am a supply teacher because I love my job but I hate the crap that you described. I too was a year two teacher for a while...

OrangeBlossom28 · 30/05/2023 19:19

I'm a Y4 teacher and it's the same at my school. Another Y2 teacher at a different school (I have taught two of her children) is in the same boat and has been using her Fridays to prepare for this, days she doesn't work as she's on a 0.8 contract.
Moderation and Y2 is awful. You have my every sympathy.

angstridden2 · 30/05/2023 19:27

Many years ago when teaching year 2s and preparing for SATs I used to do my own assessments to see if they matched SATs moderated results. They were usually 95% accurate.Experienced teachers know their class. This additional workload is ludicrous, shows the Education authorities don’t trust teachers and contributes to the mass exodus of staff we are experiencing.

TeenDivided · 30/05/2023 19:30

It isn't necessarily unreasonable to say some sort of cross check of standards is a good idea. But the extent you have described is ridiculous.
Surely there could be a sensible middle way?

What would happen if you (collectively) just ... didn't?

If you just said 'these children are greater depth (or whatever it is these days), these are expected, these are below, and these and these are borderline.

It shouldn't be about checking off every single point from a list of <how many>. It should be this is the best fit descriptor, and you can do it because you know your class.

TeenDivided · 30/05/2023 19:32

I'm pretty sure as parents we would rather teachers just striked (struck?) by not doing this kind of thing than actually not teaching.
So the government or whoever doesn't get their data, but kids aren't so impacted.

ohfook · 30/05/2023 19:49

Oh god I remember this well. What drives me insane is that it's just a game anyway. I won't outline here what I mean but I bet every y2 and y6 teacher knows.

And yes it's so time consuming. I remember going in on my day off to sit and fucking post-it note evidence of everything for every child which was all there because as a op mentioned experienced teachers know their class. I don't know the answer because I do believe schools need to be held accountable but I can't think of a system that I think would be preferable.

FluffyPJs · 30/05/2023 19:51

At least this is the last year they are doing year 2 moderation, not that it helps you much right now. I was dreading being moderated and was unbelievably relieved that we didn't get the call, it's such an unnecessary stress. We go to regular LA moderation seasons throughout the year, and carry them out internally, that should be enough.

2reefsin30knots · 30/05/2023 20:00

I feel pretty sure that much of the stress in this part of the system is caused by the God-complexed moderators.

My school has a Y6 writing moderator on the staff. Judging Y6 writing should be fairly straight-forward- the criteria are short and simply worded. It is not straight-forward because the moderators spend all year with their heads up their arses thinking up and combing through every possible shade of grey. Does my nut in.

Year2teacher · 30/05/2023 20:00

Thanks everyone. It's definitely good not to feel alone!

They say this is the last year of moderation but haven't said what will replace it. I'm not hopeful it will be better!

OP posts:
Year2teacher · 30/05/2023 20:02

This reply has been withdrawn

This message has been withdrawn at the poster's request

Year2teacher · 30/05/2023 20:04

The moderation course I went on showed pieces of writing that were supposed to be working towards but ticked every box on expected.

When we asked the course leader to explain why it wasn't classed as an expected piece they said it needed to be as part of a portfolio of work. Which wasn't helpful and confused us further.

OP posts:
2reefsin30knots · 30/05/2023 20:09

Roll on AI being able to mark writing, I say, just so we can do away with the bloody moderators.

Whapples · 30/05/2023 20:13

Ah I relate to this so much. I’m on a 0.4 contract but writing all 29 reports and also moderation for writing this half term. I may cry. I will definitely stress eat.

pumpkintart · 30/05/2023 20:17

Genuine question what would happen if you didn't do it because you do not have enough working hours?
I'm assuming that you know where each child is at anyway and be able to provide commentary. Plus all their work is easily accessible when they select which children they want to discuss?

pumpkintart · 30/05/2023 20:18

Whapples · 30/05/2023 20:13

Ah I relate to this so much. I’m on a 0.4 contract but writing all 29 reports and also moderation for writing this half term. I may cry. I will definitely stress eat.

Do you not do 40% of the report and the other teacher complete the other 60%

LilacSorbet · 30/05/2023 20:18

Oh god, as a Y6 teacher I feel your pain. It was such fun last year, on the last day of SATs, just when you think you can relax a bit, to find out I was being moderated. Cracking timing from the LAs.

Would be much more useful for termly cluster moderations to be more official and get rid of the June moderations.

CaptainCallisto · 30/05/2023 20:20

I'm a Y2 TA, and we're being moderated. The whole thing is ridiculous! I ended up teaching the class for the entirety of the last day of term because my class teacher's daughter is getting married this week and she needed to get as much done as she physically could before half term.

It's just a joke, it really is. We know the class, we know which children are at or exceeding ARE, and we know who is borderline or behind. We spend so much time collating evidence that we're supporting/stretching the kids at either end, that we actually have less time to do the interventions they need. It's self-defeating, box-ticking, morale-destroying bullshit put in place by a government who spend so much time lying through their teeth that they can't imagine anyone else being honest or trustworthy...

Sleepypoodle · 30/05/2023 20:20

I am a Year 2 being moderated.

I have had to cancel seeing my family this holiday to prepare for the absolute bollocks that is moderation. My child is cross with me that I can't go out with them as once again they are second fiddle to my job. My head is not giving any additional release time to prepare as he has no money. Like you, I am experienced and know where my class are. I am very angry. Haven't even started my reports yet. Seriously pissed off.

clopper · 30/05/2023 20:27

I have experience of both Y2 and Y6 moderations. It is an absolute waste of everyone’s time. It ends up , especially with Y6, as very formulaic opportunities to write as trying to fit in semi-colons or particular tenses. I mean sats are just generally a waste of so much money. Teacher judgement was fine during covid, but not to be trusted now I guess. Just think how they could help schools with this extra money if they got rid of it all .It really is nit -picking bureaucracy at its finest.

Year2teacher · 30/05/2023 20:29

pumpkintart · 30/05/2023 20:17

Genuine question what would happen if you didn't do it because you do not have enough working hours?
I'm assuming that you know where each child is at anyway and be able to provide commentary. Plus all their work is easily accessible when they select which children they want to discuss?

I know of schools and teachers who could not provide the right evidence. The moderators gave a strongly worded letter to the Head and the local authority.
It can trigger ofsted and along with that comes the feeling you've let down your class and dropped the rest of the staff in it.

None of this can be done in working hours. I don't have time to do normal things let alone extra.

OP posts:
clopper · 30/05/2023 20:32

It’s teachers that go for training and then moderate others schools and teachers. I wish everyone would flat out refuse to do it.

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