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What’s everyone doing today?

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Fluffycarrotss · 30/05/2023 12:43

What’s everyone doing today?

OP posts:
princessspotify · 30/05/2023 12:53

Ds10 and I have just got home after going to adventure golf, he won. Now having lunch and putting a wash on. Need to do a quick food shop as I was working all weekend. This evening I'm headed off to Bounce class and I can't wait.

Allrightmylover · 30/05/2023 12:55

Went for a walk with my mate and then had coffee at mine. About to drop off DS GF for a job interview in an hour and go and do a good shop. Plan on finishing reading a novel later.

mamabear715 · 30/05/2023 13:00

Wasting time browsing MN (IS it wasted though?) ;-)
Haven't been on here for a while. Enjoying myself.
I was going to do some washing but the cloud hasn't burned off yet, not a BIT of sunshine. Post lady has just been to collect a dozen items that DD is selling. My 20% off Tu delivery has just arrived. Will try those on soon - two t shirts & a dress. £2 slippers, too, already got those on! :-)
Just waiting for my new lawnmower from Argos now (had a £20 voucher for that, too.) Old lawnmower works fine but the twisty bits to attach mower to handle have died..

mamabear715 · 30/05/2023 13:01

What are YOU up to, @Fluffycarrotss ?

Glenthebattleostrich · 30/05/2023 13:02

I need to hang up some washing, do a bit of ironing and tidy up for looking after a friend's kids tomorrow for a few hours.

At the moment I'm relaxing with a brew while DH is working in the study, the child is out and the dog is in the garden!

I also need to list some bits for sale on Facebook and vinted when i can be bothered

EsmeeMerlin · 30/05/2023 13:02

We went to our local library for a free pirate event that I booked a couple of weeks ago. The children got to do different pirate crafts and a treasure hunt. We then read some books so that killed a couple of hours. The children are now in a soft play that we have annual passes for. Will let them play for another 45 minutes and then we are picking up DH from work and we have to do a food shop. No plans for when we get in, the children will play their video games I imagine.

lucysmam · 30/05/2023 13:02

Been for an ecg, now chilling & waiting for my friend to come for a brew. She's bringing brownies her son has baked 😋

Fluffycarrotss · 30/05/2023 13:11

Enjoying the sunshine. 😎

OP posts:
mackerelskymackerelsky · 30/05/2023 13:22

DC have spent the morning drawing comics while I did a workout, had a shower and put some washing on. We've just had lunch, smallest DC has gone for a quick nap then we're packing their bikes up in the car and going for a walk with some friends.

Tarkan · 30/05/2023 13:25

My body is still recovering from Radio 1's Big Weekend on Saturday (I have fibromyalgia).

I'm also watching my friend's almost 1 year old today, I have him twice a week now she's back at work. He's not long had his lunch so I'm going to get him changed then go for a very gentle walk as it's a lovely day here.

lljkk · 30/05/2023 13:27

Weeded plaintains out of lawn.
Post Office.
Bought something I was craving (now eating it)
Determined that dental practice I wanted is not taking patients. Need to get over phone-phobia to try another.
Planning a holiday.
Going to deliver something soon (up to 2 hours roundtrip)
Fielded some work emails even though I & almost everyone else is on holiday.
Need to pack for the holiday.
Listened to DS chat about ... something
Failed to get my phone to do wireless charging (it is supposed to, though)
Could pack up some books...

Fluffycarrotss · 30/05/2023 13:30

Lljkk, enjoy your holiday!

OP posts:
Azandme · 30/05/2023 13:31

Working. I'm here on my lunch break.

cptartapp · 30/05/2023 13:44

Recovering after a cardiac ablation at the weekend and testing DS2 on his A level Biology definitions.

mamabear715 · 30/05/2023 14:37

@lucysmam Hope your ECG went well (i had one a few weeks ago, all good!)
@cptartapp Wishing you well.
@Fluffycarrotss Sun hasn't made an appearance here yet today. (Yorks.) Gutted!

lucysmam · 30/05/2023 15:21

@mamabear715 it did, thank you! There is no fluid surrounding my heart which is primarily what they were looking for 😊

Natsku · 30/05/2023 15:42

Had a driving lesson this morning and booked my test (don't feel ready but booked for late July so hopefully by then).
Got contacted by a relatives social worker asking to talk to me about being assessed for caring for their baby once it's born so the rest of my day has been spent wondering how to respond to that.

OH had a paperwork day today so he's been home all day, DS was at nursery and now he's playing zelda and DD is having her last week of school before the summer so half days and the afternoon hibernating in her room

Tarkan · 30/05/2023 15:47

DC (15) came home from school for lunch then had a bad anxiety attack so didn't go back for the afternoon so I abandoned going for a walk since DH started work before I would have been back.

My pain levels have been bad again anyway so I'm going to eat something and just relax and catch up with some TV I recorded over the weekend.

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