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Hay Fever eye drops for dry eyes?

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TucSandwich · 29/05/2023 15:03

There was some great advice here recently for eye drops and gels to use if you have dry eyes. Can anyone recommend preservative free eye drops for hay fever? Hay fever and dry eyes not a good combination. The ones I used to use have preservatives. Thanks.

OP posts:
stbrandonsboat · 29/05/2023 17:42

I'm prescribed Olapatidine eye drops as the over the counter ones sting my eyes and make them sore. I also take 120mg of Fexofenadine each morning for year round allergies which affect my eyes and sinuses.

Perhaps ask your GP to prescribe?

MrsPelligrinoPetrichor · 29/05/2023 19:00

I use my normal preservative free dry eye drops -Hysoscan- but also anti histamine drops for hay fever,I was unable to find any that were preservative free.

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