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How to initiate a text...

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georgeandthetrex · 28/05/2023 21:31

Long story short, there is a guy. I fancy the pants off him and I have his number.

We do work together but not closely, see each other maybe twice a week, and always have a really good time, laughing etc. And I think he might fancy me a bit too...

Now got a week off from work and reeeaaalllly want to message him.

However, I've been single for eight years now, huge baggage etc (single parent blah blah blah), and I've no idea how to even message a bloke anymore...

This is just idle curiosity, nothing will ever come of it due to my circumstances, but I just want a bit of banter and some excitement.

Would you message? If so, what? Or just tell me to get over myself and accept that I am a sad middle aged woman who should just go to bed!

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WeaselKingHenry · 28/05/2023 21:35

How sure are you that he’s single?

That’s my first question -second question, if it goes tots up or awkward will it impact your job?

if the answers are acceptable to both those questions, how about “hi, it’s me from work, I’m off for a week so will miss our catch ups - you got any free time?”

ps I am rubbish at flirting

georgeandthetrex · 28/05/2023 21:41

100% single. He broke up with his ex a few months ago.

And no, wouldn't go tits up as a) nothing would happen anyway! And b) as I said, my circumstances as a complete lone parent with no support whatsoever mean that it's not like I could even go in a date or whatever.

I guess I am just very bored with my life and this is the first time I've even actually looked at someone and felt something in eight years...

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NormaLouiseBates · 28/05/2023 21:49

Just be casual and friendly with a smidge of flirting! "hey, it's xxx from work, I'm off for a week now so don't miss me too much 😉 hope you've had a good weekend, do anything interesting?"

georgeandthetrex · 28/05/2023 22:09

He'll obviously know it is me, he has my number too. And he hasn't messaged me yet.


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