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What parental controls for kids iPhone for parent on Android?

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megletthesecond · 28/05/2023 20:49

DD has saved up enough money for the cheapest iPhone and wants to buy one.
But I can't figure out what parental controls I can put on an iPhone that will work from my android Samsung. Previously we've all had android and use google Family Link. Except I don't think family link works on a child's iPhone.

DD is 14 and has MH issues and self harm hence she can't be given total freedom on a phone. I need to put in bedtimes, limit / ban some apps and see her location on a map.

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EnglishGirlApproximately · 28/05/2023 22:28

I'm trying out Quostidio at the moment, only on the free version but if its any good I'll upgrade to premium. In premium you can set time limits and see search history etc.

megletthesecond · 29/05/2023 08:43

Thanks english. I'd considered Quostido. I'm willing to pay if it does the job.
I don't need one that reads messages though, it looks like some of them do. That feels a step too far.

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