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Knee painful for no apparent reason HELP!

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WhyDoesMyKneeHurt · 28/05/2023 10:23

I'd love some suggestions please!
About three days ago I woke in the morning with a sore knee. No trauma to knee and it was absolutely fine the day before.
It eased during the day but now the pain is back. It's worse when I have to bend it.
What could the is be? What can I do?
I've taken ibuprofen...
Thank you for any advice.

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Summerslimtime · 28/05/2023 10:24


WhyDoesMyKneeHurt · 28/05/2023 10:41

Isn't there a lump with that?
Google tells me maybe tendonitis. Scary how you can just wake up one day with so much pain!

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