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Strep throat for the 3rd time

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Bemyclementine · 28/05/2023 05:26

Has anyone had this re occurring strep? DS1 abd I both had it (I caught from him after a few days of him having it). 10 days of antibiotics. Felt OK but withing a few days of finishing them, I woke up in agony with a sore throat. 10 more days - this time though never felt well, exhausted, throat niggle but not agony. Last antibiotics yesterday, abd I've woken up just now with a sore throat again. It usnt as sore as it has been but from experience it will be within hours
I could honestly cry. It's Sunday, bank Holiday tomorrow, rhe out of hours service is lengthy (waited 18 hours fir a 2 hour call back before).

I'm just venting. Its crap. I posted before about never feeling well. It's wearing ne down.

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caffelattetogo · 28/05/2023 06:54

Yes, we have it a lot too. I think some people are just prone to it.

Twilightstarbright · 28/05/2023 06:59

Have you been tested for it each time OP?

Bemyclementine · 28/05/2023 07:55

@Twilightstarbright I haven't, but DS was, and was positive. I came down with it 3 days after he started with it, same symptoms.

@caffelattetogo weve never had it before until dc1 first got it in december. ive been really unwell with it, the past week ive been going to bed when the DC do, the house is awful as ive got no housework or even tidying done.

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Bemyclementine · 28/05/2023 07:56

@caffelattetogo do you get it badly sbd need antibiotics? My concern is that as soon as ive run out, it comes back.

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Drbrowns · 28/05/2023 07:58

Have you been given the same antibiotics every time or have they changed them? Might need something different to hit it.

Bemyclementine · 28/05/2023 08:16

The same - Penicillin. It did get rid of it fir je and ds in December, abd also gmfor ds thus time, although he too had 4 or 5 days of being unwell again after the course ended.

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Boxbedbank · 28/05/2023 08:24

About 10 years ago I had strep tonsillitis and every time I stopped the antibiotics it came back. So they kept swapping antibiotics. When this didn't work they put me on a low dose antibiotic continuously until I had a tonsillectomy. The continous antibiotics were for about 6 months but it did help.

Bemyclementine · 28/05/2023 12:36

@Boxbedbank that's a depressing thought. I felt "ok" yesterday, dud a few hours work, took the dc out. Last tablet at about 3pm. Today my throat is sore and swollen, difficult to swallow and I feel wiped out and nauseous.

A friend had her tonsils out as an adult and it was awful.

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naturallydelicious · 29/05/2023 06:47

@Bemyclementine I had strep at the beginning of December 2019 and like you a day or two after the antibiotics finished it would come back again . After 2 courses of penicillin the doctor tried a different antibiotic for a longer period of time . Finally after nearly 7 weeks of antibiotics it went . I was never so sick and exhausted in all my life . I also had terrible anxiety that it would keep returning.
Ask the doctor to try you on a different antibiotic and I'm sure that will work .

Bemyclementine · 29/05/2023 09:52

Thank you - I actually have a course of amoxicillin so am going to take that, if it carries on I'll try and see the GP, which is proving increasingly difficult these days.

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