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Anyone done today's Telegraph crossword and able to tell me why 10A is what I've got?

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ChrisPPancake · 27/05/2023 19:35

I have an answer but only because it's basically the only word that will fit. I want to know why though!
Big Dave has let me down today.

OP posts:
justanothernamechangemonday · 27/05/2023 19:55

I've done it but can't be bothered to go downstairs and get it. What's the clue / answer you have?

Shannith · 27/05/2023 20:03

Yes tell us the clue and I'll have a bash. I sometime do it with FIL and we make a good gist of it together.

Shannith · 27/05/2023 20:03

Fist! I can spell, just not type with thumbs at speed!

ChrisPPancake · 27/05/2023 20:15

Clue is:
"Catch handlebar perhaps, resulting in pain"

Letters I have: H?A?T?C?E

Only word I can make fit is heartache..

OP posts:
ChrisPPancake · 27/05/2023 20:16

Thanks both btw!

OP posts:
CountTo10 · 27/05/2023 20:18

Yes I've got heartache too but not entirely sure why other than as you say it fit and is a synonym of pain. The letters in heartache are all found in 'catch handlebar' but the clue doesn't really make it clear which letters to use.

PetulaDark · 27/05/2023 20:19

It is heartache.

catch = hear
handlebar = tache (moustache)

MsJuniper · 27/05/2023 20:20

hear tache

ChrisPPancake · 27/05/2023 20:21

PetulaDark · 27/05/2023 20:19

It is heartache.

catch = hear
handlebar = tache (moustache)

Awesome, thank you! I shall go and share that with my dear old dad. (We were racing to see who'd finish first and that was last in for both of us!).

OP posts:
ChrisPPancake · 27/05/2023 20:22

You too @MsJuniper

OP posts:
PetulaDark · 28/05/2023 11:55

Ahh, great! I love doing the cryptic crossword with my dad too, though he is a demon at them and I’m definitely still learning!

DonnaJerrily · 05/07/2023 11:26

I feel your frustration when you have to settle for an answer just because it fits without fully understanding why. Crosswords can be tricky like that sometimes! I've had similar experiences where I've managed to fill in a word that seems right, but I couldn't quite grasp the reasoning behind it.
You should read the crossword celebrities article. It gave me a whole new perspective on the challenges of solving crosswords, and it's definitely worth a read. It shed light on how intricate and complex the process can be, even for seasoned solvers.

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