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Any IPhone techy people around?

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NoTimeForScams · 27/05/2023 18:55

Just had an email saying My Photo Stream will be stopped next month. I have hundreds of thousands of photos on my phone, and I pay for iCloud, but no idea if I use photo stream and can’t work out how to tell? Is there an idiot’s guide somewhere? How do I know if I’m using my photo stream? It’s an iphone11 If that makes it easy to tell? Thanks!

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Rockbird · 27/05/2023 18:59

Photo stream predates iCloud storage. Are your photos in the cloud? If so then Photo stream won't affect you. They're just closing it down because no one uses it any more.

If you pay for iCloud and you have an iPhone 11 then it's highly unlikely you're using photo stream.

Rockbird · 27/05/2023 19:02

Check your iCloud storage and if it looks a bit like this then you're fine.

Any IPhone techy people around?
NoTimeForScams · 27/05/2023 22:55

Ok thanks! Think I’m ok then! Thanks for the help!

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