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What to do with soft toys.

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Toddlerteaplease · 27/05/2023 16:24

I've got lots of teddies in really good condition. I can't bare to donate them to a charity shop as seeing unloved tots makes me sad. What shall I do with them. (I'm a paediatric nurse and we wouldn't use them at work. So
That's out.)

OP posts:
Partytastic · 27/05/2023 16:25

Put them on Facebook pass it on but the reality is very few people want more cuddly toys.

CoreyTaylorsSoggyTshirt · 27/05/2023 16:26

Would they be suitable to donate to an animal shelter? I know one near me often asked for old teddies.

Merrilymerrilymerrily · 27/05/2023 16:29

A local school would probably love them for prizes/a stall at a summer fair.

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