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Aaaaaaargh stressed 🤯

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MuggleMe · 27/05/2023 10:45

First world problems all round. Need to get it out and solidarity from other stressed mums!

Going on holiday tomorrow, DH proper poorly in bed as he always is the minute his body sniffs there's a few days off on the way. So will be doing 95% getting ready and driving tomorrow.

Trying to pack with 1 v hyper excited wants to help (but actually hinders) child and one exhausted didn't sleep the last 2 nights child. With DH less than no help.

Realizing DD1 needs new clothes so impromptu shopping trip. Plus she has ASD so clothes are sensory nightmare.

House an absolute shambles and dirty dishes piled high. Urgh.

Trying to ignore the other big life stresses that wait til we're back. At least it's sunny!

Well off to buy clothes. Pulling myself together. Anyone else super stressed and need some solidarity feel free to post!

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MuggleMe · 27/05/2023 21:52

I know no-ones on this thread but wanted to say got through the packing and tidying, DH roused himself enough to water the pots and check the tyre pressure, car packed and feeling quite a bit less stressed. Bricking the journey and anticipating no one getting much sleep once there but over the hump 🎉

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GoldSilverBronzeTan · 27/05/2023 21:53

Have a lovely holiday!

PinkButtercups · 27/05/2023 21:54

Have a lovely holiday!

At least you're packed now and sort of ready! Try to do as much as you can in half hour/hour tonight. No distractions just do it. It helps a lot and you feel better for it especially not having to come home to do dishes!

continentallentil · 27/05/2023 21:55

Good! Have a great time

(and have a word with DH about his ‘pattern’ in advance next time)

MuggleMe · 27/05/2023 22:04

Aww thanks! Had a meltdown at the children after shopping. Hangry, over stimulated and stressed so put tv on and had a 90 min nap and got the rest done after. Not good but hey ho. DD2 was a poppet asking for jobs after I woke up and DD1 ended up feeling poorly so kept out of the way. Everyone's ill except me!

List for last min things tomorrow written and off to bed.

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