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Was this my fault?

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itstheleavingthatshard · 26/05/2023 09:29

Work related, Spoke to mansger in the office about a request.

Sent a follow up email and I never got a response.

Sent a further follow up email. Got no response.

Sent another email and I got blamed for not chasing it up again sooner and even got a “wow”

I should have chased it up sooner but equally two of my emails were ignored.

OP posts:
likeadisgruntledpelican · 26/05/2023 09:31

What were the timescales? But no, if you sent 3 emails that were ignored it's not your fault.

Margarita45 · 26/05/2023 09:37

No offence, but I hate the whole multiple follow up email thing. I find it a bit of a cop out in my office. If something is important and you don’t get a response, I’d expect my team to either:

Pick up the phone
Escalate to me

So I’d say if somethings been missed/deadline been missed you are both equally at fault for that.

Hugasauras · 26/05/2023 09:41

Read receipts! I do agree that simply sending an email doesn't exempt you from any further responsibility. If someone isn't acknowledging or responding to something important, contact them another way to check they've received it. Responsibility is on both sides. That said, they sound rude.

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