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Teen/pre teen boys sun hats

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Thingsthatgo · 26/05/2023 09:15

I know the answer is that they just don't wear them! But... my preteen gets a problem with the skin on his ears when exposed to the sun. (So a cap won't do much good). What would've the least worst thing for him to wear? A Nike/adidas bucket hat?
He doesn't care at all and would wear anything, but he get teased/bullied at school, and so I am trying to help him blend in a little. (I know it's awful, and I should just let him be himself, and his classmates are dicks, but I just want him to be left alone for a bit)

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DrMarciaFieldstone · 26/05/2023 09:16


FriedEggChocolate · 26/05/2023 09:21

It's difficult, because bullies are going to find something to bully about. Does your school allow labelled items (we can't have branded trainers at DS' secondary school, for example). I'd just go to Go Outdoors with him and let him choose, then send a strongly worded email to the school saying that he needs to wear the hat because of a health issue and you trust that the school will come donw like a bag of concrete on anyone making fun of your DS. Get the contact details for his head of year and repeat.

Otherwise, get him a hat that can be part of his look, if you think he can carry off kooky, sporty etc.:

Thingsthatgo · 27/05/2023 13:47

Thank you. He does use sunblock, but the doctor recommended a hat too.

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