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Is the new Little Mermaid suitable for 5 year old?

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Emilyplays84 · 25/05/2023 21:08

As above really! Or would Super Mario be better?

OP posts:
SoupedUpSue · 25/05/2023 21:27

I’d say the Mario movie is slightly more engaging for a 5 year old and it’s only 90 minutes. Little Mermaid clocks in over 2 hours and my 6yo started to lose interest half way through. It’s much slower than the animated version. (I loved it though)

SparkyBlue · 25/05/2023 21:30

A friend saw the new little mermaid (works in a cinema) and said it's much more dark and scary than the original however she said it's absolutely amazing and the cast are excellent. My four year old is all excited to see it but I know she will hate it. Super Mario is fab. No issues with scary stuff.

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