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Could you buy a house someone had died in tragically?

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Mirrorballparade · 25/05/2023 19:10

Have the opportunity to buy a house with below market price. Likely to be at a good price for a four bed detached in our area but has a “bad” history if you like. it could do with renovation.

Last year, a young woman was killed in the house in a domestic incident and years before a young lad had committed suicide. My parents are local and knew the young lad and his family who owned the property but not the young woman who was renting.

Now, DP is keen to go for it as it’s unlikely that we would ever get a house the same size at a similar price and that you would struggle to find a house these days someone hadn’t died in but I am hesitant. We are also thinking of starting a family soon so can houses carry bad vibes? the house is also known locally as a bit of a spooks place so there’s that as well!

OP posts:
Oaktree1233 · 25/05/2023 19:12

I think once it’s been owned for a certain number of years the tragic death legally is washed out - or no longer needs to be declared ( for misrepresentation purposes ) so it’s a good way do making a profit. But get some lawyer to check that.

ThisIsntMyUsualUsername · 25/05/2023 19:14

I wouldn't be worried about any woo aspects if that worries you.

If it's a bargain, I'd want to be sure I was going to stay there long enough that the history is forgotten by the time I come to sell.

purplecorkheart · 25/05/2023 19:15

Honestly, I probably would go for it. Bad things happen in lots of places that you never know about. I would buy it and make happy memories in the house. Admittedly, I am not a person who believes in ghosts or hunting

Heyaa · 25/05/2023 19:15


Wisteriainspring · 25/05/2023 19:16

It wouldn’t bother me but it’s very much for the individual to decide.

Allblackeverythingalways · 25/05/2023 19:16

I'd go for it.
I don't believe in woo

berksandbeyond · 25/05/2023 19:17

It would be a no from me, just because I wouldn’t ever feel comfy or happy there. I once made DH cancel a holiday because I found out a tragic incident/deaths had happened in the hotel years earlier😬 I just knew there was no point going as I’d be thinking about it the whole time and I defo wouldn’t relax

Gowlett · 25/05/2023 19:17

There’s a house near me. Everyone knows what happened. The new owners completely gutted it, and built a whole new wing. Totally modernised it. But it’s an old council estate where the neighbours have lived for years. And everybody knows…

berksandbeyond · 25/05/2023 19:18

I should point out I am aware that people die in hotels all the time, this was the hotels fault…

berksandbeyond · 25/05/2023 19:18

Gowlett · 25/05/2023 19:17

There’s a house near me. Everyone knows what happened. The new owners completely gutted it, and built a whole new wing. Totally modernised it. But it’s an old council estate where the neighbours have lived for years. And everybody knows…

What happened there? 👀

DrMarciaFieldstone · 25/05/2023 19:19

Wouldn’t bother me in the slightest

EbonyRaven · 25/05/2023 19:19

100% wouldn't bother me. Especially if it was reduced a lot because of the 'incident!'

KnickerlessParsons · 25/05/2023 19:19

People do. There was a murder in a house near me - man killed his wife and child. I know the family that bought the house - they got it for a song.

Custardonthehob · 25/05/2023 19:19

What's your main concern: what will it be like to live in or could you sell it on?

FourTeaFallOut · 25/05/2023 19:20

I'd be more worried the killer started to feel nostalgic and pops around upon release than any woo.

Gowlett · 25/05/2023 19:20

A son murdered his mother. She had taken him back in after his release from jail.

Esjolaol1973 · 25/05/2023 19:20

I personally couldn’t live in a house if I new a tragic death was linked to it . I do live in an old house and am not aware of anything bad happening here .

MadamWhiteleigh · 25/05/2023 19:21

Wouldn’t bother me but then I don’t believe that inanimate objects such as bricks and cement can create ‘bad vibes’.

LaMaG · 25/05/2023 19:21

Went to a viewing a few years ago, it had remained untouched due to Bank repossession I think. The word whore was painted in red paint over the bed. The doors had been smashed in like with an axe and there was evidence of a rampage, curtain poles pulled down etc. A heartbreaking little girls and boys room beautifully decorated but trashed. Terrifying to see. BUT good price and good location so we put an offer in anyway... never got it though. So yes I'd go for it

EveSix · 25/05/2023 19:24

I definitely would, as I am not actually superstitious, but I'd also feel like somehow honouring and making peace with the sad past of the house: it would have been someone's home, a place which should have felt safe and happy but which perhaps became a place of fear and oppression. The people within it were tangled in painful circumstances which had awful consequences; I would acknowledge their fates in some kind of small ceremony as soon as we moved in.

TonTonMacoute · 25/05/2023 19:24

It wouldn't bother me.

We helped MiL buy a house where the wife of the previous owner had committed suicide. It's a smashing house and everyone who visits say how lovely it is.

EarringsandLipstick · 25/05/2023 19:24

It's the knowing that would do it for me.

Obviously lots of bad things happen that we are unaware of. However, once I knew a tragedy or violent death had taken place, I couldn't choose to buy it & lived there.

A house sold near us some time ago. The owner had been violently murdered by his lodger, and there were particularly gruesome elements (eating parts of the corpse). It was sold at market rate, in time.

BigglyBee · 25/05/2023 19:25

There is a house near me which used to have a very oppressive feeling. One family member killed another there, although the feeling had been there for years by then. There was also a long history of alcohol abuse and domestic violence there
Eventually, the house was sold. The new owners completely refurbished it and had it blessed by a priest. One of these things worked wonders, and the whole place has a totally different feel now. It feels light and welcoming where before it was dark and frightening.
So, yes I probably would, but I would have it blessed and the garden would have to be huge and beautiful (because I always swore that I would never again move house, and a huge garden would be the only thing to persuade me).

Mirrorballparade · 25/05/2023 19:27

Not so much the woo, just the more thinking “oh god, I’m sleeping in the bedroom where someone was murdered” thought and also being known as the people that live in the “murder house”

OP posts:
Rachaelrachael · 25/05/2023 19:28

No way, I wouldn't be able to stop thinking about what had happened there

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