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What to do next?

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Angliski · 25/05/2023 15:07

Life changing accident before Christmas. It will be six months in a few weeks. I’ve learned to walk again, albeit with crutches and slowly. Rehab is a gruelling slog but I feel very lucky to have the time and space to do it and the support of good practitioners.

I run a small business. Three days a week. It’s in the Hr space. I’m good at it and like it but the pressure I feel to return to work is getting to me. I have a team of 5 employees and turnover is massively down since I’ve bene on sick leave. I’m not ready to return- I have a 3 year old and I owe it to him to get as fit as I can. There’s a massive legal claim running. My concentration is shot and I just don’t feel ready to jump back into work.

im really torn about what to do.
when the claim comes through we could probably retire because of severity of injuries - but that could be years away.
i like work but don’t feel mentally able to do the hours and regain the focus
I don’t want to dissolve my team- I’ve discussed perhaps us all taking sabbaticals over the summer rot buy some time ( they all have side hustles and kids) .

I’ve no idea what else I might do just yet- lots of ideas but no energy to pursue them as yet.

has anyone else made a big move on the back of an accident/health scare/ injury ? How did you make the decisions? Have you ever dissolved or sold a business?

i would welcome some shared experience. TIA.

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