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Tina Turner - Legend

17 replies

Coxspurplepippin · 24/05/2023 22:29

What a woman.

OP posts:
Leafyhouse · 24/05/2023 22:32

Simply the best!

Coxspurplepippin · 24/05/2023 22:39

Yup. Better than all the rest. Amazing artist, survivor, incredible woman.

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SmoothSeasDoNotMakeGoodSailors · 24/05/2023 22:39

An inspiration to many.

Reigateforever · 24/05/2023 22:40

I never saw her ‘live’ on stage but I did enjoy watching her on the tv. She had a tough start and a violent marriage but she got through it all. The energy she had in her later years was something I admired. Simply the Best.

Coxspurplepippin · 24/05/2023 22:42

DH saw her in Sydney before her eighties resurgence and has been a major fan ever since - ultimate show woman, amazing performer.

OP posts:
SmoothSeasDoNotMakeGoodSailors · 24/05/2023 22:43

Tribute just starting on BBC1 if anyone is interested.

Wavescrashingonthebeach · 24/05/2023 22:43

She was the soundtrack to my childhood and I still frequently listen to her!!! Amazing lady. Fly high Tina!

toomanyleggings · 24/05/2023 22:45

Lots of love to her. At least she way outlived that bastard, Ike. Saw her in concert about 15 years ago. She was an absolute force

medianewbie · 24/05/2023 22:46

I saw her at Wembley in 1987. Amazing!

Pemba · 25/05/2023 00:07

I'm sad about this. She was an amazing woman and brilliant singer, pretty unique really. Such a tough life and her comeback in early middle age was inspirational.

I loved the biopic of her life, What's Love Got To Do With It, with Angela Bassett. It's irritated me somewhat that a recent romcom has the same title, couldn't they have used another name? But everything in TV and films seems to be recycled now.

She'll be missed.

MsJuniper · 25/05/2023 00:26

Amazing woman. Such a survivor and that energy! So sad to hear of her death.

Brrrrrrrrrrrr · 25/05/2023 00:41

Saw her live many times, truly an icon of our time in both career and life. A Tina show was mesmerising- she did a lot of firsts, broke many barriers and was for a very long time the biggest selling touring artist of all time.

The Tina documentary is well worth a watch.

MrsMikeDrop · 25/05/2023 00:46

I heard today at one point after she left him, she was on food stamps. What an inspiration and what a beautiful woman. May she rest in peace.

xogossipgirlxo · 25/05/2023 02:20

I was listening to her music today and few hours later I found out she died. You’d think some people will live forever. Amazing woman.

getafringenotbotox · 25/05/2023 10:12

I have her book which I am going to read at the weekend. She was an amazing lady

purpleboy · 25/05/2023 14:26

I was so sad to hear the news. She is a complete legend and trailblazer. What a icon and role model. 💜

RIP Tina xx

Reigateforever · 25/05/2023 15:27

How can the Star and Mirror newspapers include that man’s photo, the one who beat her for so many years, with hers on their front pages?

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