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In laws

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Meetingonthehill · 24/05/2023 17:49

I’m sick to the back teeth of my PILs letting down one of my kids.

They wouldn’t dream of doing it to their other child’s (now in their twenties) child. They still do stuff all the time for them and revolve around them.

But our kids, they never commit and mostly let down. And we only live 15 minutes away - it’s not like it’s a trek!

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xyz111 · 24/05/2023 18:02

What does your OH say?

Meetingonthehill · 24/05/2023 19:11

xyz111 · 24/05/2023 18:02

What does your OH say?

Such a mumsnet response!

He agrees with me. He works away a lot though so I’m often left with the fall out.

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