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How to cancel 111 ambulance

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niandraladesand · 24/05/2023 07:34

Does anyone know how to cancel an ambulance booked through 111? I've googled but everything i can find says to call 999 to cancel but it isn't clear if it also applies to ones booked through 111

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discan · 24/05/2023 07:35

Would not not call 111?

discan · 24/05/2023 07:35

Would YOU not call 111 Blush

Asterales · 24/05/2023 07:40

I'm a paramedic, OP, so I hope this helps: 111 will have passed the case to the ambulance service and it's they that arrange the ambulance. Call 999 and request cancellation. If you go through 111 it will take forever and they'll only have to call the ambulance service anyway, so you may as well contact them directly yourself.

niandraladesand · 24/05/2023 07:44

Thank you so much, that's really helpful!

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