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Still ‘surviving not thriving’ - help me get in control!

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23chaosreignssupreme · 23/05/2023 21:34

2 kids - 4 year old and 18 month old, husband and I both work full time. Since I had my youngest I feel like I’ve been really struggling to get my shit together. The kids have a great routine (in terms of bed times etc) but I’m really struggling to keep up with a routine for myself. I really need to lose some weight, have joined slimming world, but just can’t get my shit together enough to meal plan/shop/prep or find time to exercise. The house never feels clean enough, I’m forgetting about people’s birthdays etc. I feel like I’m still in the early days of parenthood when it’s all about survival but I can’t go on like this!! Help me sort my life out please!! I also don’t have the funds to outsource a cleaner/gardener/hello fresh.

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DustyLee123 · 23/05/2023 21:37

Get a big calendar and write the birthdays on at the beginning of the year, in a different colour pen so you know it’s a birthday.
Get a step counter as you’re probably doing more than you think.

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