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Hate being back at work after may leave :(

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cherrybakewell17 · 23/05/2023 20:30

After a few weeks of using leave to ease myself back in I’m now back to full time hours, and I just hate it.

I hate being away from my baby, I can’t afford to go part time so it’s not an option.

im in a very stressful job and before I went on maternity I was very confident and competent at what I do and after a year off I just don’t feel like I know what I’m doing still. Been given a huge project to work on and before I went off I’d be thrilled but I’m just not, I feel overwhelmed and like I’m back to square one. Like I don’t know what I’m doing and like I’m completely new, even though I’ve been in this industry for years! At the same time my heart isn’t in it and I want to cry.

feeling really shit and dreading going back tomorrow.

how long did it take you to get back into the swing of work? Am I abnormal?

OP posts:
cherrybakewell17 · 23/05/2023 20:30

Title was supposed to say mat leave not may :( can’t even spell today

OP posts:
Mrs86 · 23/05/2023 20:35

I had the same worries, but was lucky my mil helped out. She couldn't wait to have the baby.. I know it's probably not what you want to hear but it took me a good part of a year to get used to work again. I even contemplated leaving so many times but couldn't due to having a relatively new does get easier! He's 6 now and doesn't seem to bother him so much that both me and dad have to work and I know he's in safe hands. I hope it gets easier for you x

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