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Airport security scanner

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Georgyporky · 23/05/2023 18:49

I was told to remove my glasses & put them in the tray to be x-rayed.
Very unhappy, but obvs didn't argue with Little Hitler.
Never had this before. Can anyone think of a reason why?

OP posts:
SiegeOfBees · 23/05/2023 18:57

Hollow arm with concealed stabby thing?
Spy glasses?
Bored security agents trying to pass the time by seeing who can ask the most ridiculous instructions and see how many comply?

Atishoos · 23/05/2023 19:02

I have a Watchman device in my heart. It is NOT a pacemaker so I don't have to say anything. Recently the alarm went off and they did a quick pat down when I told them about the device. No problems, but it wasn't the device that set it off!

watermeloncougar · 23/05/2023 19:10

Most likely thing to me seems random checks for possible spy glasses as They look very similar to ordinary specs

MayBeeJuneSoon · 23/05/2023 19:38

How rude of you op!

They are all scanned at my place of work too

Not an airport, and no rudeness from staff

dementedpixie · 23/05/2023 19:40

Xray specs?
Who knows but I'd just do as they say anyway

Raera · 23/05/2023 19:52

My glasses set off the alarm every time I go into prison (for work!)
They don't make me remove them as I can't see without them

purplecorkheart · 23/05/2023 19:55

Presumably because a lot of glasses set off the machine and then you will get annoyed about being frisked. Tbh I always thought that glasses had to be removed.

MayBeeJuneSoon · 23/05/2023 20:06

Think a bit more about how weapons are 'flat-packed' put together to make things...

The type of material used as well

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