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Tonsillitis and white spots

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Ansumpasty · 23/05/2023 18:44

Just wondering if the white spots caused by tonsillitis can remain after antibiotics are finished? 

DS on day 6 of penicillin. He’s feeling a lot better, and temperature has gone, but his tonsils have more pus on them now than when he began the tonsillitis! 

We can either keep him on the penicillin for the remaining 4 days, or switch to erythromycin. I’m a little weary of that, as he’s feeling good in himself, it’s no longer sore and he’s never had erythromycin before. Pharmacist said it can cause an awful stomach. I’m also allergic, so don’t want to throw it at him if he’s getting better on the penicillin.

Shall we just ignore the white patches on his tonsils for now, if he’s feeling better?

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TheBirdintheCave · 23/05/2023 23:30

When I had Strep A a few months ago it took the full course of antibiotics before the white patches went away, despite me feeling better sooner. I'd keep him on the Penicillin and review again once he's finished the course.

Hope he feels better soon! I had chronic tonsillitis as a teenager and eventually had them removed. It's a nasty illness.

Ansumpasty · 23/05/2023 23:40

Thanks for the reply! Will do. I hate tonsillitis!

OP posts:
Stabee · 24/05/2023 00:08

Gargling can help get rid of them. Mouthwash or salt water. Depends on age of DS though if that's possible. I used to use soluble aspirin. It's a horrible thing.

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