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Is this true though ? Lottie moss interview

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drstranger · 23/05/2023 11:50

Reading an article on Lottie Moss and her recent struggles with drink and drugs, one part of the article Lottie states she was told in rehab that she doesn't show signs of an addict because she's only ever been addicted to one drug.

She denies still being an addict, though. Lottie said: “I went to rehab for depression, and I use drugs and alcohol as a crutch. The people at my rehab said that I don’t show the signs of an addict because I have never really tried different drugs. It was just one that I was doing and I never wanted to try any others.

I can't help but disagree with this, surely an alcoholic could have never of tried any drugs in their life but that still makes them an addict as they're addicted to alcohol ? Or am I missing something ?

I've had my struggles with addictions, I seem to get addicted to everything that takes the edge off, so I don't get this

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drstranger · 23/05/2023 21:00

Just me then I see!

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