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Frankfurt? Anyone been for a weekend with kids?

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55balloons · 23/05/2023 10:15

Booked a weekend in Frankfurt in December for the Christmas markets. Booked as it was far more affordable than any other Xmas market destination at the time. Flights were so so cheap. Wasn't even on our bucket list but we're going now..
Any feedback good or bad please?

OP posts:
Tryingtoworkitout89 · 23/05/2023 10:21

It's a great city, I've been a few times. Its very easy to get from the airport to the city centre by the S Bahn train.

Crikeyalmighty · 23/05/2023 10:22

Not particularly pretty for a German city but good Xmas market- and very easy to go somewhere else whilst there that is pretty

AnnaMagnani · 23/05/2023 10:40

The centre is pretty!

There isn't masses to do there but it's a really nice place to hang out and the Christmas market is famous.

Tryingtoworkitout89 · 23/05/2023 10:41

I agree Frankfurt is not the prettiest but its fine!
Marburg is absolutely beautiful and easily reachable by train from Frankfurt. Its very pretty. Sorry I should have said that in my first post

55balloons · 23/05/2023 11:33

Thanks for the reassuring posts. We wanted to go to Tallin or Krakow but the flight prices were astronomical & times were bad with late flight out Fri evening & early return on sun morning..
As we only have the Fri to Sun we're going to make the most of Frankfurt city with kids. The markets are supposed to be very big. I'm sad there's no ice skating though..

OP posts:
lieselotte · 23/05/2023 14:36
Betterbear · 23/05/2023 15:17

I would take the short train ride to Cologne. Far nicer city with more to see.

reluctantbrit · 23/05/2023 16:18

I was in Frankfurt for work a lot and don't really rate it very high. The market is nice but you won't need the whole time for it.

It has a very good public transport network and I would go to Wiesbaden or Mainz as well. They will have markets as well.

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