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Full bloods esp cancer markers

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WhereTheSuburbsMeetUttoxeter · 22/05/2023 23:26

I had full bloods done Friday including cancer markers due to ongoing weird weightloss and change in bowel habits.

Mr GP is brilliant with me due to MH issues and by Friday afternoon he'd said he'd had one lot back and issued me 5mg folic acid daily. He said he would update as the results came in (nil points?)

This morning I received a text from the receptionist to say he'd like to see me this week due to results. I asked could he at least give me a heads up via text like he did on Friday.
Well he wasn't in today, so they've passed message on for tomorrow.

I'm just so frightened and anxious at the moment.

Would he have me in sooner if news was terrible? Does he not want to text terrible news? He knows I need to hear it asap due to MH and being very black and white as ASD - or whatever they call it these days. I can take bad news better than I can take the wait.

I'm just rambling...

Feel free to ramble back. I know nobody has the answer.

Tell me a shit joke, I'm quite easily amused 🤣

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WhereTheSuburbsMeetUttoxeter · 22/05/2023 23:27

Oh, he wants me in Thursday morning.

Maybe he doesn't have the results yet.


OP posts:
WhereTheSuburbsMeetUttoxeter · 22/05/2023 23:30

Actually don't reply, I'm going to bed

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