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Barclaycard doesn’t work in Tesco app but does online - anyone had the same? Any ideas?

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283nouveauxnoms · 22/05/2023 21:41

I have a new Barclaycard and have tried to use it in the Tesco app but every time I do so it says the bank cannot confirm the transaction. However, if I go to the tesco website I can check out, with a form of second factor authentication through app or text.

i think there is an issue that the tesco groceries app can’t get the second factor authentication. (It doesn’t even try to my knowledge, just comes up saying bank cannot confirm transaction and to pay another way or cancel checkout)

Does anyone know a way of having tesco as an approved site so the extra authentication is not needed (as I do on my am x) or at least getting it to work on the tesco app somehow? I tend to checkout then make several amendments before. Finalising and each time it won’t even authorise an amendment. I have to go online to the website. I really want to use this card as I get a big benefit for spending a certain amount in the first three months.

Has anyone got any ideas??

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283nouveauxnoms · 23/05/2023 07:34

Hopeful bump that someone else has this issue and knows how to sort it.

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WeAreTheHeroes · 23/05/2023 07:50

Do you bank with Barclays? If you have the Barclays bank app I think you can use that for MFA for Barclaycard when shopping online in other apps.

283nouveauxnoms · 23/05/2023 12:25

Thanks for your message.

I just have a barclaycard. no other banking. Unfortunately Tesco doesn't even seem to ask for MFA, I wonder if I when i try to checkout on the tesco app I should quickly go to the Barclaycard app and see if it asks me to authenticate.

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283nouveauxnoms · 23/05/2023 12:29

I think I worded that badly. If I do it on the tesco website it asks for MFA which I can do through the barclaycard app on my phone. If I try to checkout on the tesco app on my phone it doesn't seem to ask for the MFA, just says no.

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WeAreTheHeroes · 23/05/2023 19:28

It a security thing with Barclaycard not letting you use it in an app because they don't want you to store the card details in it. You might want to contact Tesco or Barclaycard customer service to see if there's a solution.

WeAreTheHeroes · 23/05/2023 19:29

*It may be

283nouveauxnoms · 23/05/2023 21:20

Thanks for your help. I think there is no option but to sit in a telephone queue tomorrow!

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