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Happyinheels · 22/05/2023 12:57

So, I'm trying to eat better! I'm going to make myself like avocados! And bananas. However I can't manage a whole avocado at the moment, even a few mouthfuls is a challenge. How do I/is there a way to keep the other half fresh for the next day?

OP posts:
Whatevergetsyouthroughthenight · 22/05/2023 13:00

Clingfilm over the cut and if it’s a bit discoloured when you return to eat it you can gently scrape off the surface before you eat it, it’ll still be green underneath.

Forcing yourself to like things you don’t like though seems odd. There are loads and loads of healthy fruit and veg. Just eat the ones you do like!

Somanysocks · 22/05/2023 13:00

In the rare event of not eating the whole thing, I leave the stone in and sprinkle a little lemon juice on the cut flesh, cover and leave in the fridge.

00100001 · 22/05/2023 13:01

Why bother, when there's dozens and dozens of other fruit and veg available?

whatdoyoudo3 · 22/05/2023 13:02

If you're having it on toast, put a thick layer of hummus underneath - takes the flavour of the avocado away but makes the hummus extra creamy!

moderationincludingmoderation · 22/05/2023 13:06

Always good to try but don't force yourself OP:

Bananas aren't actually particularly good for you. They often cause spikes in glucose levels as they are carb and sugar dense, leaving you craving more of the same.

Avocados are great, but you can get the same nutrients/benefits from lots of other foods too. I was actually advised not to eat avocado for a while by an acupuncturist as it's deemed very 'damp' and I was suffering from a lot of GI issues at the time.

Mycatisalwaysangry · 22/05/2023 13:32

Why do you want to eat it when you don’t like it? There’s so much else with the same nutritional values.

GeraltsBathtub · 22/05/2023 13:34

I put a little lime juice on it before wrapping with a silicone wrap thing or cling film.

piglet81 · 22/05/2023 13:35

Avocado and banana are two things I can’t bring myself to eat. Why not focus on eating more of the fruit and veg you do like?

CharlottenBurger · 22/05/2023 13:37

Drizzle of olive oil, grind of black pepper. Yum. Half each or me and husband. Neither of would fancy a whole one at one sitting.

Justcallmebebes · 22/05/2023 13:45

I love avocados. One of my favourite foods. Always squeeze fresh lemon over it and a bit of black pepper.

It will keep a few days clingfilmed in fridge as long as you've squeezed lemon or lime on it first

CharlottenBurger · 22/05/2023 13:50

Justcallmebebes · 22/05/2023 13:45

I love avocados. One of my favourite foods. Always squeeze fresh lemon over it and a bit of black pepper.

It will keep a few days clingfilmed in fridge as long as you've squeezed lemon or lime on it first

Yup. Lemon, and red or green Tabasco are good.

ReallyShouldBeDoingSomethingElse · 22/05/2023 13:56

If you really dislike both avocados and bananas it could be that you're sensitive to the latex level in them...

Sapphire387 · 22/05/2023 14:02

Halloumi or mozzarella, avocado, tomato, basil, toasted in your bread of choice.

cocksstrideintheevening · 22/05/2023 14:07

Why do you want to eat them, you don't have to?!

Happyinheels · 22/05/2023 14:16

Thank you for the tips!

I hear what people are saying - they're 2 foods that I feel like I should be eating. I know I can get nutritional benefits from other foods. I just thought I would try to like these.

OP posts:
Farmageddon · 22/05/2023 14:22

I love avocados!!

But you shouldn't make yourself eat them if you really don't like them. Also, if you are doing it to lose weight, avocados are quite calorific, even though they are healthy.

I try and buy the smaller ones - sometimes M&S has a little tray with about 5 small hass avocados instead of 2 big ones. If not then I use about half of the big one on a sandwich or salad, and then chop up the other half and store it in a little bag in the freezer, to add to a smoothie later on. You could do the same with bananas.

CharlottenBurger · 22/05/2023 14:36

I always look and feel before I buy. I want to see a definite dark purple colour of the skin, and they should be a bit squashy when I squeeze them. Not too squashy unless they'll be eaten that day. Hard unripe green ones aren't vey nice. You can ripen them by keeping them in a plastic bag with a banana, in a place that isn't too cold. Something I do like is half an avocado with a poached egg popped in where the stone used to be.

determinedtomakethiswork · 22/05/2023 14:44

Chop up an avocado and also chop up cherry tomatoes and feta cheese. Put them in a bowl with chilli flakes and sea salt and freshly ground black pepper and mix them. Have it on a toasted bagel.

Mygazpachoistoocold · 22/05/2023 14:48

They might be good for your body but their environmental impact isn't. If you don't like them don't eat them.

Nicklebox · 22/05/2023 14:59

I was the same as you. I wanted to start eating avacados, as i have high cholesterol. My daughter suggested, having half a mashed one on toast with a poached egg and cherry tomatoes. I really like it. I wrap the other half in tin foil and it keeps fine in the fridge for a couple of days.

mathanxiety · 22/05/2023 15:02

Make guacamole with the avocados. All you need for a simple guacamole is lime juice and salt, mashed in.

Plain avocados taste like school glue.

GalileoHumpkins · 22/05/2023 15:16

I loathe avocados (the texture reminds me of playdoh) and I'm ok with that, there's really no need to force yourself to eat and like them.

getafringenotbotox · 22/05/2023 15:32

If you leave the stone in the half you don't eat I think it stops it going brown. I do this when I make guacamole and it seems to work. But then again it gets eaten pretty quickly in our house

BillyNoM8s · 22/05/2023 15:51

Avocado is really quite high calorie and very expensive where I live (not uk). I'm vegetarian though and also periodically force myself to scoff them.

I find them best either mashed with plenty of lemon juice, salt, pepper spread on "nice bread" toast with sliced tomato and drizzled with olive oil; or chopped into a well dressed salad, preferably one including chickpeas.

You can also make guacamole or some variation of and use it as a dip.

Bananas I just eat as they are or chop over weetabix/bran flakes. You can't really disguise a banana unless you dip it I'm chocolate.

BillyNoM8s · 22/05/2023 15:51


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