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Driving anxiety looking for advice..

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Jessie1995 · 22/05/2023 10:47

Hi everyone,
I am a huge overthinker when it comes to driving and have driving anxiety! Always making sure I follow the rules to the speed limits, lights etc and sometimes it gets to me when I make mistakes! Anyway we are only human!!

I have a question regarding speed limits. Today was turning out of a junction onto a road ( normally 40mph) that had just been resurfaced. I drove slow around 23/24moh then saw the ‘skid risk max speed 20mph’ sign a little further up so dropped to 20 and did 20 or there around the rest of the road until it finished!

question I have is is this speed limit mandatory or just advisory and it’s a case of just being slower and safe due to the chippings? I.e 25mph on a 40 road is still safe?

im worrying now that even though was only for max 10/20seconds that I wasn’t doing the speed limit.

thanks everybody!

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